Lifetime Membership 

For the whole family!

Council Fires are Indigenous/Indian People coming together for like-minded activities.


Local Council Fires are:

  • local community folks that identify with Traditional Indian/Indigenous customs;

  • sources of travel information and help for other members traveling in or through their area.

  • are in the community to be a "positive" example and help in times of need.  We are not alone and lend support to our people in times of need.


- Three Steps for Local Charter -

  1. You must be a Member in good standing with Red Thunder Association. Lifetime membership of 25.00

  2. Apply for Local Council Chief status - Initial Fee is 25.00. Annual Renewal of Local Council Chief is 20.00.

  3. Then apply for Local Council Charter - Charter fee is 40.00 USD. Annual Renewal of Local Council Charter is 20.00.

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